Installing Tile Flooring In Your New Kitchen? Care Tips So That It Looks Great

You may have decided to go with tile flooring for your kitchen remodeling job because it's an aesthetically pleasing and very durable flooring option. That said, there is still some maintenance that you need to do in order to keep the floor looking great. Follow these tips for basic tile floor care.

Spot Test Any New Cleaning Solution

It can feel overwhelming when shopping for a tile cleaning solution at your local home improvement store. With so many cleaners to pick from, you may be wondering what will work best. Keep in mind, all cleaning solutions are not created equally, and there is a potential that one could damage your tile floor.

To prevent this from happening, you always want to spot test any new cleaning solution that you use on a spot that will be hidden if the floor does become damaged. It could be a corner of the kitchen where the trash can typically goes or a place that is normally covered by a rug. Make sure that the new cleaning solution dries before evaluating if it caused any damage. If there is none, it is safe to use on the rest of your floor.

Use Floor Mats

Tile flooring is still susceptible to wear in places that have a lot of foot traffic, especially near the door going to the kitchen. Even though it is tile, consider using a floor mat if there is an area that people constantly walk over. The rug will be easy to wash when the area gets dirty, since you just throw it in the washing machine instead of getting on your hands and knees to scrub the floor. A mat will also prevent the floor from becoming discolored due to constant direct sunlight exposure.

Maintain The Grout

The grout is the key to the tiles staying in place. It's durable but can become damaged over time if it is not cared for. For instance, grout can crack or chip as it gets old because of moisture seeping into the grout's pores. It caused grout to eventually weaken, causing cracking, chipping, or flaking.

You'll need to apply a sealant that prevents this from happening. You can test the sealant from time to time by dripping some water on the grout. If the grout absorbs the water, the sealant is gone. If the water remains as a bead on top of the grout, it is still holding up.

For more tips on maintaining your new kitchen floors, speak to a local flooring company.