3 Tips To Make Your Replacement Windows More Energy Efficient

When it comes to reducing your monthly utility expenses, replacing old or damaged windows can be a great solution. With so many different types of windows on the market today, investing in replacement windows can be challenging if you don't know what to look for.

Here are three tips that you can use when shopping for replacement windows to ensure your home's new windows contribute to the energy efficiency of your living space in the future.

1. Choose replacement windows with gas between the panes.

If you want your new windows to prevent the transfer of air from inside your home to the outdoors, then it can be beneficial to invest in windows that contain pockets of gas between the panes of glass.

The addition of argon or krypton gas allows your new windows to act as an insulator because these gases have a higher density than air. The denser gases make it difficult for air to pass through your window, ensuring that your heated or cooled air stays inside your home. This extra insulation can help you reduce your monthly utility costs over time.

2. Choose replacement windows treated with a low-E coating.

In addition to preventing the transfer of air, your replacement windows should block out UV rays that could increase your home's indoor air temperature and cause your air conditioning unit to work harder than it should.

Windows that are coated with a low-E coating have the ability to reflect 96% of the infrared radiation found in the sun's rays. Using your windows to prevent this heat from entering your home can be a simple and effective way to reduce your utility expenses during the warm summer months.

3. Choose replacement windows that come with durable frames.

When you are replacing old or damaged windows in your home, you may find that the frames supporting these windows are cracked or deteriorating as well. As you shop for replacement windows, you should look for products that come with durable frames.

Vinyl or other hard plastic frames will allow your new windows to withstand the test of time, and eliminate any air leaks caused by a faulty frame. Durable frames play a critical role in determining how energy efficient your new windows will be, so you shouldn't overlook the durability of the frames included with your replacement windows.

When you are able to recognize the importance of purchasing replacement windows filled with gas between the glass panes, protected with a low-E coating, and equipped with durable frames, you will be able to use new windows to make your home more energy efficient in the future. Companies like Jerry Newman Roofing & Remodeling, Inc. can help you find the right windows for your home.