Soften The Look Of A Bathroom With These Remodeling Ideas

If you're concerned that all of the sharp angles in your bathroom contribute to the space looking a little harder than you'd like it, there are numerous solutions to consider. While perhaps adding a fluffy floor mat and more towels on racks can soften the room, you should also consider which remodeling projects can have a beneficial impact on the look of the space. You want your bathroom to feel relaxing, and even if it has a modern look, it doesn't have to look hard or harsh. Hire a home remodeling contractor to soften the look of the space with these ideas.

Oval Tub Installation

A rectangular tub has sharp features that affect the look of the space. A valuable change to consider is having your remodeling contractor remove the tub and replace it with an oval one. If your bathroom is large enough, it's ideal to have this element placed out in the open, rather than against a wall. Toward the middle of the room, an oval-shaped tub will really stand out and help to soften the look of the bathroom. If the room is tight and the tub needs to go against the wall, make sure to buy a tub with feet, rather than one that is built into a rectangular mold, as the curvy nature of the former style adds softness to the room.

Bowl-Style Sink Addition

Another effective way to soften the look of your bathroom is to have your remodeling contractor swap the sink for you. If you currently have a rectangular sink that is inset into the vanity, the entire structure possesses many sharp lines that affect how the space looks and feels. By contrast, your remodeling contractor can install a bowl-style sink that sits atop the vanity. The soft curves of a bowl-style sink will go a long way toward making the entire space feel softer.

Circular Window Installation

If the bathroom is without a window, the addition of a circular window will further enhance the soft theme. There are a number or small, circular windows on the market that are perfect for bathroom applications. You don't have to worry about the window affecting your privacy, either, as your remodeling contractor can apply a film to the window that prevents people from seeing through it. This may be especially desirable for a bathroom on the ground floor. On an upper floor, you may choose to leave the glass clear.