Changes To Make For A Clean-Looking Bathroom Makeover

If your bathroom is cluttered and inundated with toiletries, decorations, and other items, you might find that you aren't fond of going into this room. A chaotic-feeling room is never ideal, but in a room that is supposed to provide a certain degree of relaxation, a cluttered and busy bathroom is the last thing that you want. If you're ready to make a change, you can hire a remodeling contractor to give your bathroom a makeover in a clean style. Here are some major changes that you can discuss with the contractor:

A Smaller Toilet

Lots of bathrooms have large toilets, and while this might be functional, it can also take up space and make the room feel cramped. There are lots of small toilets on the market today that suit your clean design sense. Equipped with a smaller flush box and a narrow shape, these toilets offer a simple and sleek design that won't take up space, won't unnecessarily attract your attention, and thus fit in perfectly with the new bathroom look that you're trying to achieve.

Simple Lighting Fixtures

The clean approach for your bathroom can extend to the lighting, too. Lighting in this part of your home is extremely important, especially if the bathroom doesn't have a window. Look at your current lighting fixtures to assess them. In many cases, you'll find fixtures that are bulky and perhaps a little outdated, such as spherical lights that jut out around the bathroom mirror. Talk to your remodeling contractor about suitable lights — these may include LED bulbs that are inset into your new bathroom mirror or are even installed into the ceiling or floor to flood the room with light but without drawing your eye to the fixtures.

Freestanding Tub

If your bathroom's square footage permits it, installing a freestanding tub is another way to give this space a clean feel. A fixture in many clean-style bathrooms, a freestanding tub placed away from the walls gives the space a light, airy, and modern feel. A traditional built-in tub tends to give a heavy feel to the bathroom, but a curvy freestanding tub won't have the same effect. Additionally, having the tub's water supply come up through the floor so that the faucet and handles are positioned inside the tub, rather than jutting out from the wall above it, can contribute to the clean style that you're trying to achieve with your bathroom makeover.

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