3 Easy Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

If you are tired of how your bathroom looks, and you want to transform your bathroom, but only have a small budget to work with, there are numerous budget bathroom remodels that will transform he way your bathroom looks and feels.

#1 Paint Your Cabinets

One of the more expensive items to replace in your bathroom is the cabinets. If you like the layout of your bathroom, but not the look of your bathroom, start by changing how your cabinets look. You can do that by painting your cabinets or, if they are made of wood, you can stain them.

When you paint your cabinets, be sure to remove the drawers and cabinet doors from your cabinet. That way, you will be able to effectively paint these structures and the base of your cabinet. Put tape around the base of your cabinets as well to protect the flooring.

#2 Change Out the Hardware

Next, change out the hardware. The hardware in your bathroom includes the hinges on your cabinets as well as the handles on the doors and drawers. The hardware also includes the toilet paper holder and the towel racks.

Choosing a different design and color for these pieces of hardware can really change how your bathroom looks and feels.

#3 Install New Fixtures

Another way to change how your bathroom feels is by updating the fixtures. Change out the electrical outlet covers and light covers by choosing ones that have a more modern look and feel to them.

Instead of putting in an entire new sink, purchase a new faucet for your sink. A new faucet is not that expensive to purchase and is relatively easy to install. Just make sure that you match the number of holes you have for a faucet. For example, if your sink has three holes for a faucet, choose a new faucet with a three-part structure. That way, you can change out your existing faucet without investing in an entirely new sink.

Another fixture you can change in your bathroom are the light fixtures. If your light fixtures are more than twenty years old, they may look really dated. Changing them out can give your entire bathroom a more modern feel.

Change how your bathroom looks and feels by painting your cabinets, changing out the hardware, and investing in a new faucet and light fixtures. Painting your bathroom will also help change how it feels. These small changes, which you can afford on a budget, will make it feel like you have a new bathroom.