Simple Methods Of Tying In Your Kitchen Cabinets To Your Appliances

In a given kitchen it's easy to spend several thousand dollars on your appliances, which definitely makes them the star of the show. If you've invested heavily in new appliances as part of a kitchen renovation project, you want to be sure that the other elements in the kitchen complement the appliances. When it comes to choosing cabinet doors, there are several options that you can consider for tying them into the appearance of the appliances. Here are three methods that you can pursue.

Match Them Directly

Some homeowners favor a specific look throughout their kitchen, rather than there being any degree of contrast between the appliances and the cabinets. Although this look might not be for everyone, it can be visually appealing to choose cabinet doors that directly match the look of your appliances. For example, if you favor the sleek and modern look that stainless steel appliances provide, you shouldn't have any trouble to find stainless steel cabinet doors that are of the same approximate hue as your appliances. For example, if your appliances have a matte finish, there are stainless steel cabinets that will match. The end result can be a kitchen that looks highly cohesive.

Match The Knobs

Perhaps matching the cabinet doors is too much for you visually. If this is the case, you may want your cabinet doors to provide contrast to your appliances. A nice touch to consider is to choose knobs that share a similar appearance to the appliances. In the above scenario of brushed stainless steel appliances, you can easily find brushed stainless steel knobs and have your remodeling contractor install them with your new cabinets. This way, even if your cabinets have a different appearance, such as glossy wood, the knobs will tie things together.

Match The Glass

Not every appliance has glass, but many do. For example, you might have a glass-top stove, and there's commonly glass on the front of ovens, toaster ovens, and microwaves. Another watch to match your cabinet doors to your new appliances is to choose cabinets with window panels in them, and ensure the look of the glass is similar. For example, if the glass in your appliances is tinted to a slight degree, you should be able to get glass panels for your cabinets tinted in the same manner to effectively complement your new appliances. Your remodeling contractor may be able to suggest other methods of tying the cabinets in with the appliances.

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