Two Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Your Quartz Countertop Before Installing It

If you have decided to try installing your own quartz countertop in your kitchen, you may decide to do all of the work yourself, including cutting the stone. However, while you are cutting the quartz countertop, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes that could damage the countertop or cause injury.

1.  Using Just Any Saw Blade

Before you start cutting the countertop to spec, you may look at your available saw blades and decide that any one of them should do the trick. However, if you use the wrong blade, you could wind up breaking the blade, gouging the quartz, or even hurting yourself.

Since quartz is a very hard stone, a standard metal blade will not be able to slice through it evenly. The metal blade may end up breaking while you are cutting, causing pieces to cut into the wrong place on the countertop and may fly up at you and cut you.

If you are going to cut a quartz countertop, use a diamond blade, which is hard and strong enough to cut through the quartz evenly. However, even with a diamond blade, you still have to be careful of certain instances, such as those discussed in the next section.

2.  Forgetting to Check for Imperfections in the Quartz

Once you are equipped with a rock-hard diamond blade, you may be ready to start cutting into the quartz countertop. However, there is one more thing you need to do before you start sawing away, and that is to check for imperfections in the quartz itself.

Because the countertop is made from natural quartz, there may be areas that are thicker than other or have laminations on the surface that make some parts softer than others. If you do not check for dark discolorations indicating these areas first, you may end up hitting a hardened area too quickly.

If you try to cut into an area that is harder than the others at the same speed, you may end up chewing up the blade or cutting the stone at an angle. Checking for these spots before you start cutting can help you either try to avoid sawing through them at all or make sure you take your time when you do.

Even if you avoid making the above mistakes while cutting a quartz countertop before installing it yourself, there is still a chance that you could crack or damage the stone, requiring you to purchase a new countertop and start all over. Instead of trying to do the job yourself, consider contacting a remodeling contractor who provides quartz countertop installation services to have the job professionally done.