How Responsibility Is Shared When Water Damage Occurs In An Apartment You Are Renting

Water damage doesn't just happen to homeowners, water damage can happen to individuals who are renting homes as well. When water damages happens in an apartment, sometimes it can feel murky about who is responsible for the water damage. If you are a renter in an apartment with water damage, there are a few things you need to do.

#1 Review Your Lease

The first thing you need to do is review your lease. Your lease should spell out what type of property damage the property insurance that the landlord has will cover. The lease should explain what type of damage is covered. Ideally, the lease should explain what happens to you if you can't live in the apartment. Will your landlord terminate your lease if the place is unlivable? Will the landlord continue to charge you rent while repairs are happening?

#2 Your Landlord's Responsibility

Ultimate, your landlord should be responsible for any damage to the building itself. Your landlord's renter's insurance should cover replacing any damaged walls, flooring, and other household structures that are connected to the property. Those are going to be your landlord's responsibility to take care of.

This is especially true if the damage was due to a recent natural event, such as a flood or a large storm. Property insurance is designed to protect against natural disasters.

#3 Personal Property Responsibility Varies

Who is responsible for any damage to your personal property really depends on what could have happened. For example, if you as the tenant left a faucet running, and caused water damage, you are responsible for the damage to your personal property. If you have renter's insurance, the renter's insurance would take care of your personal property damage.

However, if the water tank started leaking, and your personal property was damaged, the landlord would be responsible because it's the landlord's responsibility to take care of all appliances and ensure they don't damage the home. Or if the water damage was caused by a recent storm, taking care of your personal property will fall to the landlord, as it is an event their insurance should cover.

#4 What You Should Do

You should notify your landlord or apartment manager right away and ask them to call in a water damage restoration team to mitigate the damage. If the landlord will not send help, you should call a water damage restoration team or storm restoration service team. They can help save your personal property, as well as the physical structure of the apartment.