How To Pick Out The Right Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Picking out new cabinets for your kitchen when you remodel is one of the most important choices you will make. The cabinets you pick will impact the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and will impact the functionality of your kitchen as well.

#1 Start by Finding a Cabinet Door Profile You Like

When you pick out new cabinets for your kitchen, one of the most important parts of the cabinet is the door. The cabinet door is one of the most visible parts of any cabinet that you install, which is why you should focus on finding a door style that fits with your overall style vision for your kitchen. There are a variety of different styles you can choose from, such as a raised arch, a flat slab, recessed squares, or a recessed miter.

See if any of the home cabinet installation companies that you want to work with will allow you to bring home sample doors of the styles that you like the best. Looking at a sample that is actually in your home can help you decide what you really want.

#2 Choose the Style of Wood

Once you choose the style of cabinet door that you want to put in your home, then you need to focus on choosing the style of wood that you want your cabinets to be made from. The wood you choose is the next big defining element behind the style of the door.

The type of wood will determine the color of the cabinets. The type of wood will also impact the durability of your cabinets over time. Just like with the cabinet doors, you should see if you can bring a few samples home so you can see which style or color of wood really looks the best in your home.

#3 Pick Out the Handles & Knobs

Finally, you need to pick out what type of handles and knobs you want to put on your cabinet doors. The handles and knobs can have a big impact on the overall style impact of your kitchen. You can go with more streamlined knobs and handles that have a more modern look, or you can choose something more ornate that has more of a classical feel. The good thing about handles and knobs is that you can change them out over time if you get tired of them, but you should still try to choose some that you like to begin with.

When it comes to choosing cabinets for your kitchen, start by finding a cabinet door style that you really like, then choose a type and color of wood, and finally, figure out what handles and knobs you want your cabinets to have.