Clyde Burke

How To Pick Out The Right Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Picking out new cabinets for your kitchen when you remodel is one of the most important choices you will make. The cabinets you pick will impact the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and will impact the functionality of your kitchen as well. #1 Start by Finding a Cabinet Door Profile You Like When you pick out new cabinets for your kitchen, one of the most important parts of the cabinet is the door. Read More 

Want To Cook In A Modern Kitchen? 3 Features Worth Adding To The Space

If you have a kitchen that feels somewhat outdated, you may be interested in adding or changing several features to make it so that you enjoy cooking within the space a lot more. You may not be sure where to get started when you want to create a modern kitchen for your family. Although you will find quite a few modern additions and improvements that you can make, you should consider certain ones that will lead to a better experience in the kitchen. Read More 

How Responsibility Is Shared When Water Damage Occurs In An Apartment You Are Renting

Water damage doesn't just happen to homeowners, water damage can happen to individuals who are renting homes as well. When water damages happens in an apartment, sometimes it can feel murky about who is responsible for the water damage. If you are a renter in an apartment with water damage, there are a few things you need to do. #1 Review Your Lease The first thing you need to do is review your lease. Read More 

Top Tips For Choosing Cabinets And Shelves For Your Home Office

When setting up a home office, you have to think about more than just setting up a desk. You will also probably need cabinets and shelves so that you can store all of your supplies. If you're overwhelmed about buying cabinets and shelves for your home office, consider these top tips that can help you along your journey. Carefully Consider the Set-Up of Your Home Office First First of all, it's a good idea to decide how you want to set up your home office before you start buying cabinets and shelves. Read More 

Two Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Your Quartz Countertop Before Installing It

If you have decided to try installing your own quartz countertop in your kitchen, you may decide to do all of the work yourself, including cutting the stone. However, while you are cutting the quartz countertop, make sure you avoid making the following mistakes that could damage the countertop or cause injury. 1.  Using Just Any Saw Blade Before you start cutting the countertop to spec, you may look at your available saw blades and decide that any one of them should do the trick. Read More