How To Save Some Money On Your Cabinet Installation

Do you love where you live and want to make it a little more fun and stylish? You can definitely turn your house into home by customizing the cabinets. Most homes are built with generic cabinets, especially in the kitchen. If you want to make your cabinets stand out and also make them a little more functional for your specific usage, new cabinets can be a very shrewd investment. It is also worth mentioning that custom cabinets will look great on a real estate listing and ultimately increase the value of your property. Read More 

Bathroom Upgrades Worth The Splurge

Whether you're remodeling or having a custom home built, one of the big areas for your attention – and budget – is the master bathroom. It's a room that will significantly impact your daily routines. As such, you probably want to add certain amenities in the bathroom. Choose bathroom upgrades that complement both your daily routines and your home's style. Freestanding Bathtub One of the most soothing activities is relaxing in the tub after a long day or workout. Read More 

How Far To Go With Fitting? A Look At Freestanding Vs. Fitted Appliances And Your Remodel

A concept you'll often hear discussed during kitchen remodeling is fitted versus unfitted fixtures and appliances. Fitting refers to installing fixtures and appliances permanently in the kitchen, often in a way that leaves just the right amount of space for the particular appliance you want. Most kitchens you've seen have been fitted to some extent; your typical base cabinet and counter mix, affixed to the wall and floor, is one example. Read More 

Get Organized Bathroom Storage With Remodeling By Professionals

The family bathroom in your home might have all the essential components, but it may lack storage space. This can lead to some problems when there are multiple bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other products that need to be kept in this room. Buying a storage stand that you put behind the toilet can give you some much needed storage, but the space may not be large enough to house much more than that without making the room feel cluttered. Read More 

Love Doing Your Makeup Everyday? 3 Must-Have Features To Include In Your Bathroom Remodel

While some people enjoy wearing only minimal makeup for a natural look, others love to spend hours playing with different styles of makeup. If you're someone that loves to spend time doing their makeup every day, you may be dreaming of having a proper space to apply makeup. If you've been toying over the idea of remodeling your bathroom, there are a number of things that you can do to make an improvement in how nice of a fit your bathroom is for applying makeup. Read More